Brain Injury

New Jersey Brain Injury Lawyers

Brain injury is devastating, often resulting in lifelong disability, inability to work, drive or function. There may be a need for continuous care and supervision. However, in some cases injury is not always recognizable. It may be obvious to family members but not to the victim. And it can be hard to convince a jury of the major impact of a subtle brain injury, especially if the person appears or sounds normal.

The law firm of Martin Kane Kuper has extensive experience in traumatic brain injury litigation. We have helped victims and their family members secure comprehensive verdicts and settlements for the person’s long-term needs.

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Diagnosis of Brain Injury

We have handled cases stemming from head trauma (car accident, slip and fall, construction injury), hypoxic brain injury (birth injury from lack of oxygen) and chemical exposure (inhalation of toxic fumes).

Victims of head injury often have no recollection of the accident, and thus are not treated until weeks or months later. Brain injury in infants may not be revealed until later stages of development, perhaps toddler age. Medical causation is critical to recovering damages. The skilled trial lawyers of Martin Kane Kuper are adept at connecting the event to the injury, even long after the fact. We work with neurologists and neuropsychiatrists to diagnose the full extent of brain damage and establish the root cause.

Thinking in Terms of a Jury

We also excel at demonstrating the life impact of a brain injury. Our clients often need intensive physical therapy and occupational therapy to “rewire” their bodies and re-learn everyday skills. Many need speech therapy. The most severely injured require round-the-clock nursing care, while those with mild brain injury often need psychological counseling to deal with the emotional impact of permanent limitations.

We use life care planners, economists and other specialists to prepare a comprehensive package to meet these lifelong needs. We prepare for a jury trial from Day One, detailing the client’s challenges through video of their daily therapy work, altered home life and the compelling words of loved ones or the victims themselves.

Meanwhile, Martin Kane Kuper works to prove the negligence of the driver, doctor, manufacturer, employer or other party. Our attorneys explore all possible insurance coverage to pay for ongoing care, projected earnings and compensation for lost quality of life.

Suspect Brain Injury?

Contact a physician (and our law firm) if your loved one has not been diagnosed but you have noticed changes after an accident:

  • Memory loss or difficulty concentrating
  • Disorientation, dizziness or blackouts
  • Impaired speech or motor skills
  • Uncharacteristic mood swings or outbursts
  • Complaints of ringing ears, blurred vision or headache

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